Program Fixes v.8.4.1

Last Updated: 7/17/2012


  • CMD-2057: Modified the Bill Type field in the Claim section so that it will not revert back to the default settings if the user selects a new provider for the claim.
  • CMD-2070: Corrected an issue that was causing the Default Date of Similar  Illness (box 15) feature to not work properly when selected on a new claim. 
  • CMD-2092: Corrected an issue that was causing the procedure code description to disappear upon saving the claim when being pulled from the CPT Code default value. 
  • CMD-2099: Corrected an issue that was causing users to receive an invalid warning message when saving a claim with a POS code of 22 stating that a hospitalization date is required.  This warning should only be shown when a POS 21, 51, or 61 is used on the claim.
  • CMD-2102: Updated the default ordering of the Charge Status values such that they will now appear in the same order that they did in versions 8.3.7 and previous.


  • CMD-2063:  Corrected an issue that was causing an exception to occur when the view option to Group By CPT code was selected. 
  • CMD-2104: Corrected an issue that was causing the results displayed in Statement Tracking to return results that were outside of the date range selected. 
  • CMD-2140: Corrected an issue within Patient AR Control that was causing the incorrect patient records to be updated if the column headers were sorted prior to selecting the rows to update.
  • CMD-2236: Corrected an issue that was preventing users from accessing the Control section upon application start up.


  • CMD-2114:  Corrected an issue that was not allowing users to set a local storage mount point to a networked storage location.


  • MACUI-44: Corrected a threading issue in the Practice save function that would intermittently cause the action to fail and display a data center error to the user.
  • MACUI-51: Implemented improvements to the load time of the CMD Blog window at startup of the MAC version of CollaborateMD.


  • CMD-2223: Corrected an issue that was causing users to receive an invalid warning message stating "You must enter a subject", when attempting to print messages from within the Messaging section of the application. 


  • CMD-2060: Modified the Info field within the Patient section to now allow spaces.


  • CMD-2091: Corrected an issue that was causing the Payer Agreement Registration special instructions to be cut off when view at a lower screen resolution. 

Payments & ERA’s

  • CMD-992: Modified the search logic within Transaction Maintenance such that both payments and adjustments are being found by the received date.  Previously adjustments were being returned based on the entered date.
  • CMD-1975: Corrected an issue in Transaction Maintenance in which payment records were not being properly deleted if the user deleted an account credit associated with the payment.  
  • CMD-2103: Modified Line Item Posting such that the software will properly use the Secondary or Tertiary payer's default status when posting a payment from the Primary payer.
  • CMD-2167: Corrected an issue that was causing the activity line on a patient account to not properly update when an account credit was removed. 

  • RPT-556: Corrected an issue that was causing users with Full or Read permissions to Management reports to not be able to run the Claims Billed/Entered report within the Daily/Monthly report category.
  • RPT-569: Corrected an issue that was causing window titles to appear blank on the report filter windows when running the application on Java version 7.


  • CMD-1362: Corrected an issue preventing superbills with multiple pages from being printed.
  • CMD-2000: Corrected an issue that was preventing certain default preferences from being saved to the user profile from the scheduler section if the customer account did not have any resources set up.
  • CMD-2042: Corrected an issue that was preventing Superbills from successfully being printed through the scheduler section of the application.
  • CMD-2112: Corrected an issue that was preventing users from running manual eligibility checks from the appointment window within the Scheduler section.
  • CMD-2121: Corrected an issue with the calendar object in the Scheduler in which the wrong date could be highlighted when switching between months via the drop down selection.
  • CMD-2143: Corrected an issue that was causing the Facility to not properly save on an appointment record when the associated resource had a specific Facility set.



  • CMD-2085: Modified the "Update Java" button on the log in screen of the application such that it is only displayed in instances where the application is not using the native  Java version installed on the computer or in cases where the bundled version was already greater than the minimum required version.
  • CMD-2102: Removed duplicate warning message being displayed to the user when creating a task reminder with a due date in the past.
  • CMD-2130: Corrected an issue in which setting a Task Reminder to complete and then attempting to undo the action would not function properly. 
  • CMD-2226: Corrected an issue that was causing some calendar widgets throughout the application to be cutoff when running on Java version 7.
  • CMD-2242: Corrected an issue preventing users from launching the application due to an error caused by the CMD Blog connection.


  • CMD-2128: Corrected an issue that was not saving the search window column preferences each time users log into the application.