Program Fixes v.8.3.7

Last Updated:  12/21/11


  • CMD-1505: Previously the users displayed underneath the Accounts tab within the Admin section of the application would not update when scrolling through customers using the up and down arrows on the key board. 


  • CMD-1385: Corrected an issue that would cause an attached document file on claim records to be deleted when the users deleted the file from a copied claim. 
  • CMD-1458: Added logic to prevent users from setting the charge status to "Pending Tertiary Insurance" when no tertiary insurance existing for that claim.
  • CMD-1537: Modified logic such that users are unable to save an Institutional claim without at least one active line item (contains HCPS and REV code).  Previously the user was given the option to save the claim as incomplete in this scenario but it did not actually save due to a flaw in the logic.  The new implementation now mirrors the logic used for Professional claims.
  • RPT-492: Updated the logic associated with the Claim Copy feature within the Claim section so that the username that was performing the copy action will now be assigned as the created user for the new claim.  Previously, this feature was carrying over the user of the original claim to the new claim.
  • TXN-160: Corrected an issue that was causing claims to reject due to the SV101-7 (used to describe non-specific procedure codes) segment not being submitted on the claim in Loop 2400 (NTE-Line Note). Per the 5010 implementation guideline this segment is required when Loop 2410 (Drug Identification) is not used or when SV101-2 (Product/Service ID) is a non-specific Procedure code. 


  • CMD-1463: Modified ICD code search so that ICD codes already added to the account will not show up in the remaining codes available to be added.


  • CMD-1455: Modified logic within Claim Tracking when performing a search for only claims with a tracking status of Accepted so that only those claims with a tracking status of "[A]" within the specified criteria will be returned.  Previously this was returning claims that did not meet the search criteria in certain cases.
  • CMD-1485: Modified the "Expand All" option on the Claim Tracking and Statement Tracking screens such that it will dynamically expand and collapse the search results when selected/unselected without having to re-run the search.


  • CMD-1318: Corrected an issue which was preventing users from viewing document imaging files after switching accounts.


  • CMD-1357: Corrected an issue in the Message Search tab, within the Messaging section of the application that was not returning results when selecting the "Only Read" Messages filter option. 


  • CMD-1439: Removed Practice Fusion ID field from the main screen on the Practice section.
  • CMD-1551: Corrected an error which was preventing users from being able to save a practice with entries in both address lines.


  • CMD-1135: 
    Added logic into the application so that multiple city names can be associated with the same zip code for the address validation feature.
  • CMD-1207: Updated Copy Insured logic so that the information is not overwritten when the user selects the NO option in the corresponding pop up. 
  • CMD-1217: Corrected an issue which was causing various buttons to display incorrectly within the application after printing an eligibility report from within the Patient section of the application. 
  • CMD-1236: Updated the patient search feature so that names containing hyphens are properly found. 
  • CMD-1283: Corrected an issue which was causing the incorrect guarantor identifier to be printed on patient statements. 
  • CMD-1304: Added logic to display the correct time zone that a note was submitted when printing out patient notes. 
  • CMD-1356: Changed the patient export feature such that patients with no information for any of the selected fields will not be included in the export.  This was previously inserting blank lines into the export file and creating confusion as a result. 
  • CMD-1459: 
    When modifying insurance information on an existing patient you will now have the options to "Fix Now" or "Continue With Save". 
  • CMD-1466: Corrected an issue where the patient export feature would run even if the user exited from the confirmation window. 
  • CMD-1560: Modified the maximum width of the Office field displayed in the Defaults tab of the Patient section.  Previously, office names of maximum length could cause display issues on this screen at lower screen resolutions. 
  • CMD-1598: Disabled the List Transactions, Print Sheet/Notes, and List Dependents buttons on the Add Appointment window when adding a new patient.  These buttons should only be accessible to the user when an existing patient record is retrieved via this window.
  • RPT-417: Corrected an issue that was causing the word "null" to be printed out on the Patients Statement Errors report.

 Payments & ERA’s

  • CMD-919: Modified EOB Auto Apply section so that the "Viewed" check box will now be immediately checked upon viewing an item from the Auto-Apply and Payer Generated tables. 
  • CMD-1048: Increased the scrolling sensitivity when viewing ERA files within the EOB Posting tab of the application. 
  • CMD-1097:Updated the Patients Notes sub-tab within the Transaction Maintenance screen of the application so that deleted patient notes are no longer displayed. 
  • CMD-1152: Updated the Patients Notes sub-tab within the Transaction Maintenance screen of the application so that all patient notes (not just payment notes) are being displayed when selected by the user. 
  • CMD-1204: Updated the Patients Notes sub-tab within the Adjustments tab of the application so that deleted patient notes are no longer displayed. 
  • CMD-1345: Corrected an issue that would cause adjustment amounts not to be automatically calculated under the EOB Posting tab if the payer is not primary, even if the primary payer has an exclusion. 
  • CMD-1389: Corrected an issue that was causing claims not to show up as denials when the denial code is entered through the EOB Posting tab if the denial is not an unpaid reason.
  • CMD-1408: Corrected an issue that was causing Remittance Codes to be duplicated each time the patient claim was opened and the "Apply" button was clicked, in the EOB Posting Tab. 
  • CMD-1429: Corrected an issue where a reversal is reversing more than just the payor's payment and adjustment on the same CAS~CR line (ie. had remit code 122 as well). 
  • CMD-1481: Corrected an issue in the Find Account Credits screen. Previously, this feature was not releasing patient locks when multiple patients were selected.
  • CMD-1474: Corrected an issue where occasionally the patient payment redistribution on a charge would not occur. Previously,  the patients initial payment would be removed while the insurer's payment and adjust was applied, but then the patient payment would just remain an account credit rather than money being take from the credit to apply against the charge (if needed). 
  • CMD-1478: Corrected am issue within the Find Account Credit window of the Credit Management tab which would cause the patient to be incorrectly displayed in the search window if a specific patient record was selected.
  • CMD-1506: Corrected issue that was causing an incorrect account credit to be created in scenarios involving transactions B, C, and E within Line Item Posting. 
  • CMD-1508: Corrected an issue which was not properly saving custom messages entered in the Adjustment Memo field within Line Item Posting in certain scenarios.
  • CMD-1541: Corrected an issue where Patient Payment Redistribution was removing and then re-applying a patient payment when it didn't need to.
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  • CMD-1284: Modified the Clearinghouse Reports section so that the viewed checkbox will now be immediately checked upon viewing an item from the reports list. 
  • CMD-1512: Corrected an issue which was preventing the Procedure Done in a Date Range report on the application from returning results when run without a date range specified.
  • RPT-413: Corrected an issue on the Referring Marketer Receivables report causing certain totals to display in an incorrect currency format. 
  • RPT-414: Corrected an issue on the Referring Source report causing certain patient totals to display in an incorrect currency format.
  • RPT-415: Corrected an issue on the Patient Listing report causing certain patient balances to display in an incorrect currency format. 
  • RPT-416: Corrected a minor column formatting issue on the Patient Recall report causing the balance values to overlap.
  • RPT-481: Correct an error which was preventing users from running the Referring Marketer Statistics report for some date ranges.


  • CMD-924: Corrected issues within the scheduler section of the application which was preventing unavailable times from being displayed correctly after changing the active date range. 
  • CMD-1094: Shortened the warning messages displayed to the user when saving an appointment without permission to perform eligibility checks. 
  • CMD-1330: Modified the scheduler filter so that inactive facilities are no longer displayed. 
  • CMD-1387: Corrected an issue that allowed users to schedule repeating appointments on days or times when a resource or appointment type is unavailable. 
  • CMD-1415: Corrected an issue that was causing the progress window to remain open after updating a block repeating appointment.
  • CMD1456: Corrected and issue in the Scheduler portion of the application which would intermittently cause the filter setting to clear when a user updated an existing resource in previous application versions. 
  • CMD-1536: Corrected issue in software which was causing the appointment length to be incorrect displayed when editing an existing block appointment.
  • CMD-1590: Corrected an issue in the Scheduler section of the application which was preventing all appointments within a repeating block from being updated when the user changed the start time for one of the appointments and selected Yes to apply the changes to all appointments in the block. 
  • CMD-1596: A warning message will no longer display after a new patient is created via the Scheduler section of the application stating "Insurance information has changed. Make sure to update any claims that require new information. Next time use the check boxes under the Patient section <Misc.Info>tab". This warning message was displaying in error as no claims were associated with the  patient, as you are just now creating this patient record. 
  • CMD-1600: Corrected a client exception that was occurring in the Scheduler section of the application. Previously, the Save button on the Add Request window to become unavailable under incorrect circumstances.


  • CMD-1344: Corrected an issue which was causing the menu option for the Electronic Claims Accepted/Rejected dashboard chart to not properly display after using the refresh option.


  • CMD-1228: Corrected an issue in the application that was causing tabs to be remain highlighted in red (indicating an incorrect address) even after the associated data was corrected.