8.3.6 Training Page

Welcome to the 8.3.6 Training Page. We have developed a complete training syllabus of 8.3.6 training material that will help you become knowledgeable in using the latest version of our software to achieve your business goals and objectives, today and tomorrow. The related training material below is designed to introduce you to new features, program fixes, related training videos and reference materials.

Release Notes

These release notes describe the issues that were fixed, improved, and enhanced. In addition, we also included new features to assist our customers in increasing efficiency and productivity. This update will include a few major changes to the software – which include the look and feel of the Tracking & Report section, Alerts, and a new Dashboard feature.

We recommend that all users upgrade to the latest version. Visit our Self-Service Portal for instructions on how to update to the most recent version of CollaborateMD.