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Sneak Peek 4

v9.6 Summer Release

Thanks to our User’s feedback and contributions on Idea Exchange, we’ve created some smaller updates in v9.6 that directly benefit the User’s needs and improve workflow. In this preview, you will find Version 9.6 Sneak Peeks that include updates related to the Claim Follow-Up Module, Appointment Scheduler, Patient Statements, and more!

Disclaimer: Some of the visible tabs and sections are only available to CollaborateMD support staff to properly administer your account. Please keep this in mind when comparing screen shots to the tabs and icons you have available in your CollaborateMD application. Some items or views are subject to change before release dates.


    We continue to make Claim Follow-Up easier to use and more customizable to complement your office workflows. Within the Control > Claim Follow Up tab, you will have a new “Follow Up Activity” tab with the following editable and reportable fields:

    • Insurance Claim #

    • Reference #

    • Check #

    • Paid Amount

    • Allowed Amount

    • Check Date

    The Follow Up Activity tab is used to capture imperative claim information obtained when speaking with a payer such as the Insurance Claim# or Reference# of your call with the payer. You can also use this tab to capture expected payment information which can later be compared to actual payments or simply used for reporting purposes.

    This new tab can also be used as an activity tool for billing services or medical practices to monitor or track the results of the calls made by their staff. The information obtained within this screen can confirm contact was made with the payer to follow up on claims.  

(No Automation)

  • Now, when you add a custom Alert for the Patient Section or Claim Section, this Alert will be viewable from the Claim Follow Up Module. The new “Alert” column will show this yellow alert bell  if there is a Patient or Claim alert or it will be grayed out when there are no alerts. To view the Patient or Claim Alert, click the  yellow alert bell.
(No Automation)


Now, you can take advantage of Document Imaging and Remote Cloud Storage can add multiple documents. When you click “Add Remote Files”, simply use the CTRL key (Windows) or the Command key (MAC) and click the files to select multiple files. You can add multiple documents to the Patient record or a Claim record, saving you valuable time and keeping your documents safe and secure. For more information on Document Imaging and Remote Cloud Storage, contact Sales or visit this Training Page.   

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We’ve added a “Find” field in the Patient Notes tab that now allows you to search and find what you need more quickly and efficiently.

(No Automation)


We’ve added the Envoy ID as a column and searchable field when viewing the window for “All Payers”. This window is available from the Payer Section, the Patient Section, and from the Claim Section. Now, quickly drill down your payer search by their Envoy ID (Payer ID) to save time and to prevent you from switching between sections to verify.

(No Automation)


CollaborateMD has designed one of the most robust resource-based appointment schedulers on the market that allows you to several functions from within the scheduling program, thus optimizing front-office and back-office workflow. We’ve added some new enhancements that will make the Scheduler feature even more customizable to fit your needs.

  • You can now edit the details of recurring appointments to provide all of the necessary information and improve office workflows.
(No Automation)
  • Phone Appointment Reminders have been enhanced so you can customize and personalize the Caller ID Name and Caller ID Number for your Practice. To learn more about Appointment Reminders, contact Sales or visit this Training Page.
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We’ve added a new option for your General Patient Statement Settings to Show units in charge descriptions on Patient Statements. Patients who receive similar care on multiple days but have different units get confused by the different balance amounts they see on their patient statements. Now, select this option for all your Patient Statements and eliminate calls and confusion from patients.

What You Need To Know and Limitations:

  • By Default the option will be un-selected.  

  • Units will only print if there are more than 1 units on a charge line.

The change applies to ALL Patient Statements:  Plain Text, Enhanced User Print Text ($) and Automated Statements ($$$).

(No Automation)