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Sneak Peek 1

v9.6 Summer Release

In this preview, we will provide you with Version 9.6 Sneak Peek of our Default Situational Modifiers tool that will allow you to configure rules of when to use modifiers and not use modifiers based on different situations.

Disclaimer: Some of the visible tabs and sections are only available to CollaborateMD support staff to properly administer your account. Please keep this in mind when comparing screen shots to the tabs and icons you have available in your CollaborateMD application. Some items or views are subject to change before release dates.


Often times the modifiers billed on claims may be different for the same procedure code based on the payer or other billing situations.  This new feature will be a time-saving opportunity and eliminate billing mistakes for users that must rely on alerts or other means to know when to manually change the modifiers used in certain situations before sending their claims to the payer.

Scroll down to check out the three (3) Sneak Peaks showcasing two (2) video snippets and one (1) screenshot for Situational Modifiers.  Total estimated learning time: Less than 5 minutes

1.   Situational Modifiers for CPT® codes – this video snippet will show you how to create a Situational Modifier based on rules related to one or more of the following situations:
  • Dates of Service (DOS)*
  • Primary Payer or Primary Payer type
  • Facility
  • Rendering Provider
*A Situational Modifier rule related to the DOS will only be applied when the DOS is entered BEFORE the CPT Code.  This is consistent with how Fee Schedules work today.  

Also, this video snippet will show the following functions:
  • Hide and View Situational Notes
  • Hover to Show Notes
  • Use Arrows to Determine Precedence
  • Delete 

    (This Animations loops every 156 seconds)

    2.   Using Charge Panels with Situational Modifiers – this video snippet will show you how Charge Panels can be updated to support using your Custom Charge Panel defaults or the Code Defaults including Global or Situational Modifiers.
    • Custom = use the setup based on your custom Charge Panel ONLY in the Charge Panel tab (ignores Global or Situational Modifiers rules)
    • Code Defaults = use the defaults (Global or Situational Modifiers) based on what is setup in the Codes tab specific to that Code.

      (This Animation loops every 84 seconds)

      3.   Reporting Enhancements – this screenshot will show how users with access to the Report Builder can use the New Category: CPT Situational Modifier Data and the fields associated with the new category, to enhance existing reports or build new reports. The new category and new fields are only available for users with Report Builder access. 

        (No Animation)