Training Mission, Vision & Values


Our mission is to ensure that all of our training activities have a positive impact on the current and future performance of our customer's business. We will help our customers achieve their business goals by provide innovative training that is easy-to use, meaningful, knowledgeable, and motivates individuals to achieve their fullest potential when using our practice management and billing software. Through effective relationships, we will partner with our customers to ensure the training we provide is affordable,  adaptable, agile and designed to meet the learning objectives. We will proactively support our training commitments and identify training products that are innovative and seamlessly transfer learning into the workplace. We will treat our customers and their training needs with the highest levels of care and respect at all times.

Our vision is to provide every customer with GREAT training that is meaningful, effective, and meets their training needs.

Growth - Continuous improvement in training material and content to rapidly and effectively grow the  knowledge of our customers in the use of our practice management and medical billing software.

Reputation - Earn our reputation by providing effective training that enables our customers to achieve their business goals and objectives.

Empowered - Provide the right training at the right time that gives our customers the knowledge and empowerment they need to deliver the right results at the end of the day. 

Affordable, Adaptable and Agile (3A) - Ensure our training aligns with the 3 A's (Free, Easily changed to meet customer needs and provides quality training rapidly).

Technology - Leverage technology and innovations to improve and streamline training.

  • Value each customer's training needs
  • Deliver quality training
  • Ensure training produces the right results
  • Respect the feedback from our customers
  • Provide excellent training material and service

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