Charge / Debit Data

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Charge/Debit Data holds all information related to charges and debits within a customer’s account. Charges and Debits are grouped together in this data set, but can easily be filtered one way or the other using the “Charge or Debit?” report field. Common fields used by both Charges and Debits are represented directly under the Charge/Debit Data category. Charge-specific and Debit-specific report fields can be found in the “Charges” and “Debits” sub-categories respectively.

Certain fields are represented both at the higher Charge/Debit level and then again in each specific sub-category. One example of this is the “Amount” report field. The Amount field found directly under the Charge/Debit Data category can be used to display amounts of both charges and debits within the same column or filter both charges and debits at the same time by their amount. In comparison, the “Amount” fields located within the “Charges” and “Debits” sub-categories are broken into distinct columns.

For example, the “Amount” field located in the “Charges” sub-category will display each charge amount, but will always display 0.00 in the case that the row containing it pertains to a debit. The same is true for the “Amount” field located under the “Debits” sub-category. This way, users may display both charges and debits within a report but not necessarily include both amounts in the same category. This is useful when totaling charge amounts and debit amounts separately or when filtering by charge amount and debit amount separately.