The Tools icon provides one-click access to helpful links that can be used to enhance the daily performance of your office. These tools include Self-Service Portal, Idea Exchange, Portal, Enhanced Reporting, EMR, Calculator, Forum and Live Chat. 

The following help pages are supported by the current version of CollaborateMD. Please follow the curriculum outline to receive the proper training associated with this section.











The CollaborateMD Training Website delivers value-added training that provides our customers with the knowledge and training experience needed to achieve their business needs.

Self-Service Portal

The Self-Service Portal is a simple and easy to use tool that allows clients to resolve their inquiries without contacting a Client Services Representative. The Self-Service Portal will allow you to easily and securely submit cases online. You can review the status of your case as well as receive notifications regarding your case status. In addition to creating and reviewing cases, the Self-Service Portal contains solutions to many frequently asked questions. Solutions are created, added and reviewed regularly to ensure that they are kept accurate and relevant.


The Self-Service Portal is free to activate and may require your account Administrator or Authorized Representative to contact our Support Department to enable your online access.

Live Chat

Live Chat is our online instant messaging service that allows you to conveniently get your questions answered by our Sales and Support Team. This is a value-added service that you can use to ask quick and easy questions regarding purchasing and navigation through CollaborateMD.


GoToAssist allows a CollaborateMD professional to resolve your technical issues using screen sharing, mouse and keyboard control and other tools. Visit to be connected.


Idea Exchange allows you as a valued stakeholder to shape the future by submitting creative and innovative ideas on products, solutions, and support. Through an on-going partnership, we can create and innovate together to deliver the right products, solutions, and support that deliver the right value to your business. After an idea is submitted, our users as a community will vote and collaborate on the idea. The ideas that receive the most votes each month will be reviewed by our Idea Committee. The ideas that are determined to be of most value will be selected based on affordability and scheduled for a future release within our application. 

How to register

Follow the instructions below to register for the Idea Exchange Website:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Register Now button. 
  3. Enter your Email Address. Please be aware of the following: 
    • This is your email address that you'll use to sign in to your Idea Scale account.
    • Keep in mind that we will never display your email address to the public. It will only be used to notify you of new ideas or comments to the communities.
    • We will send an email to this address to verify your account before you can continue.
    • If you did not receive the email, please check your SPAM folder.
    • Make sure you have added and to your address book and whitelist.
  4. Your account has been created and a moderator will approve your account within two business days. Note: If you haven't been approved as of yet please send an email to

How to enter ideas

Follow the instructions below to enter a new idea:
  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your email address and password.
  3. Once logged in, click on the Submit New Idea button.
  4. Enter the Title of your idea and try to be descriptive to help other users. 
  5. In the Description area enter as much information as you feel is needed to explain your idea. You can add attachments to help explain your idea as well. Please remember not to include PHI.
  6. Select the most appropriate Category to help other users. If you don't see any appropriate category, please email with a suggestion for a new category. 
  7. Entering "Tags" will allow you to search ideas more efficiently. 
  8. Once you're done click on the Submit button.

How does voting work

By clicking on the up or down thumb, users can vote once on any idea. Users can build their reputation by earning points. You receive 5 points for each idea submitter and 1 point for each comment. Help on the idea exchange product can be found at

How do I reset my Idea Exchange password?

  1. Go to

  2. Under the Password field, where it says Forgot your password?, click the link that says Click here to reset.

  3. Next, you will see a window, which will ask to enter the email address you've registered with Idea Exchange.

  4. You will then be sent a Password Recovery message. Check your email for the Password Recovery message and attempt to log in again.

Important: When resetting your password for the Idea Exchange website please note that the validity of the email is 10 minutes. Clicking the reset password link from your email after 10 minutes will return you to the login page. Please be sure to click on this email prior to the 10-minute maximum time.

How do I know if my idea will be implemented?

You will receive an email notifying you that your idea has been moved from Active to In Progress. If you have questions about a particular idea, please contact the Support Department for assistance. 


Any inappropriate content will be removed by our moderators and we reserve the right to ban or remove any users. 

CMD Portal

The CMD Portal allows users to access web-enhanced reports and the CollaborateMD Forum.


The EMR tool will open your EMR when clicked. This allows you quickly and easily access to your EMR information directly from the system. Note: This only applies to active interfaces from the following interface partners; Practice Fusion, PBOMD, Sevocity, MediNotes, and Mitochon. If you don't have an active interface enabled users will be pointed partners; Practice Fusion, PBOMD, Sevocity, MediNotes, and Mitochon. If you don't have an active interface enabled users will be pointed here

Note: Users must have "Search and Modify" permissions to the Interface Tracking area of the application in order to use this button. To learn how to set permissions for users visit the help pages here.

If you don't have a participating interface you will be taken to the CollaborateMD EHR/EMR Partner page on our website.

Payment Portal

The Payment Portal allows Admins, Auth Reps, or delegated users access to the Administrative side of the Payment Portal where patients can post payments directly towards their account balances in real-time. Note: If this feature is not enabled for the customer account, users will be taken to the CollaborateMD website. 


CMD2GO is a secure web application where authorized users can conveniently create patients, manage their schedules and communicate via secure messaging when they are on the go.


You will be able to access CMD2GO anywhere, anytime, on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) or computer using a supported web browser.


These key features can be used without needing access to the full CollaborateMD application, which means you can check and update your schedule, send/receive secure messages with other users in your office from anywhere.

Learn more about using this tool by visiting our CMD2GO Help Page.