Task Reminders

Use Task Reminders to help you keep track of something that needs to be completed. Tasks have due dates, links, descriptions, priorities and assignment levels. You can assign tasks to yourself or specific users within your business. Tasks have the ability to be stand-alone or linked to different entities within the application. Users are allowed to create, link, edit, search for, or delete tasks and run reports related to assigned or completed task. 

The following help pages are supported by the current version of CollaborateMD. Please follow the curriculum outline to receive the proper training associated with this section.

Create Task Reminder

Follow the instructions below to create a task reminder: 
  1. Click the Task Reminders button.
  2. When the task reminder pane opens, click the Add button.
  3. In the New Reminder window, begin entering the following information:
    • Complete this task by: Enter a date this task is due.
    • Description: Enter a short description that best describes the task you need to complete. 
    • Links: Optional. Click Add Link to associate this task to an entity. Once you've selected an entity click Save.
    • Priority: Select a priority level from low, medium or high.
    • Assign this task to: By default new task default to the user creating the task. Click on the drop-down menu to select a user to assign the task to. Note: If you're associated to a Billing Service please note a list of your customers will be displayed. Use the scroll bar to find the customer the is associated with. 
  1. Once you are satisfied with your changes, click the Save button.
After selecting save, the task pane will be updated with the task if you've assigned it to yourself. Please note that if the task was assigned to another user within your organization they will see their task reminder instantaneously.

Create Task Reminder from a Message

Follow the instructions below to create a task from a message within the Messaging section. 
  1. Go to the Messaging section. 
  2. Select the message you wish to create the task from and select Create Task.

  3. When the New Reminder window opens, make the necessary changes to the date, description, links, priority, etc. Note: The Description will automatically copy the subject line of the message in addition to linking the task to the message. 

  4. Click Save when you're done.

Assign a Task to Another User

Your access level for the Administer Tasks permission must be set to "Administer All" prior to assigning a task to another user. Once the task is assigned, the assigned user they will be notified immediately.

To assign a new task to a user, follow the steps below: 
  1. Click the Task Reminders button.
  2. When the task reminder pane opens, click the Add button.
  3. Enter the task details such as the date, description, links, etc. 
  4. Click the Assign this task to drop-down menu and search for the user. Tip: To quickly find the user you want to assign the task to, begin typing the user's name. You will automatically be taken to the user.

  5. Click Save when you're done. 
Click here for instructions on how to find the task. Remember to change the assigned to user from the view panel.

Change Task Reminder Status

To change the status of a task reminder follow the instructions below. 
  1. Click the Task Reminders button.
  2. When the task reminder pane opens, locate the task you want to change the status of then right click on the task and select Complete OR click on the Status drop-down menu and select from Not StartedIn ProgressOn Hold or Complete
    NOTE: Setting your task status to Complete will cause it to disappear. 

    Find/Edit Task Reminder

    Follow the instructions below to search for task reminders:
    1. Click the Task Reminders button.
    2. Enter a keyword or short phrase into the Type here to search field such as "patient" or "call" to begin searching for the task. 
      • Alternatively, you can also such for task reminders using filters such as:
        • Tasks Linked To: Select which entity you want to display. 
        • Date Range: Select the date range the task is due. 
        • Filters: Select whether you want to display Incomplete Task OnlyHigh Priority TaskCurrent Customer Only, or Task Assigned by Me Only
        • Me (username): Select this drop-down menu to display task assigned to other users. By default, your name is displayed. 
    3. When the tasks that meet your search criteria are displayed, double-click on the appropriate task to open it. 
    4. Right-click or double-click on the task to edit the reminder. 
    5. When you're satisfied with your changes click the Save button. 

    Delete Task Reminder

    Follow the instructions below to delete a task reminder:
    1. Click the Task Reminders button.
    2. When the task reminder pane opens, locate the task you want to delete. 
    3. Right click on the task and select Delete.
    4. A dialog window will display confirming if you're sure you want to delete this reminder. 
    5. Select Delete.
    6. The task is now deleted. 


    • Task can also be created directly from the Messaging section of the application. Please see Create Task from Message within the Messaging section of the Help Page.
    • Run the Task Search report within the Reports section of the application to find a list of tasks assigned in a date range. This report shows reminder details such as reminder date, assigned to a user, assigned by a user, reminder priority, reminder status and description.