System Section 

The System section of the application provides the functionality to Login into the system, Update the application, update the Java VM, change your Password, create Dashboards, review the latest CollaborateMD News, receive pertinent practice Alerts, customize system Defaults and modify the look and feel of the application on your work station.

The following help pages are supported by the current version of CollaborateMD. Please follow the curriculum outline to receive the proper training associated with this section.



User Profile

Patient Export

Button Overview

Below you will find a description of the buttons located within the System section:
  • Retrieve Profile: Selecting this option will retrieve your user profile.

The user profile allows you to take pro-active measures to manage your personal settings. Changes to your profile can be made at any time.


  • You cannot make changes to your username. In the event you get married or your name is spelled incorrectly please request for your Administrator to contact the Customer Success Department for assistance.
  • CollaborateMD does not have access to your password or security questions. This information remains private.

Configure Profile

Follow the instructions below to configure your user profile: 
  1. Go to the System section. 
  2. Select the User Profile tab.
  3. Click Retrieve Profile.
  4. Begin filling out your user profile: 
    • Last: Enter your last name
    • First: Enter your first name
    • MI: Enter your middle initial
    • Title: Enter your office title
    • Username: Your username is already populated
    • Contact Information: 
      • Phone 1: Enter your primary phone number and extension
      • Phone 2: Enter your secondary phone number and extension
      • Email: Enter your email address
    • Security: 
      • Security Question 1: Enter a security question. This is used to reset your password via the CollaborateMD Portal or using the Forgot My Password link.
      • Security Question 1: Enter your security question 
      • Security Response 1: Enter your response. 
      • Security Question 2: Select a security question from the drop-down list.
      • Security Response 2: Enter your response
      • Call-in PIN: Enter 4 digit call-in PIN. A Call-in-PIN is a 4-digit personal identification number that all users supply to the Client Services Specialist when they call into the Support Department in order to validate their identity and customer account. This security feature has been implemented to protect all ePHI (electronic patient health information). This is required when requesting for certain changes to be made to your account.
  5. When you are done, click Save.