System Section

The System Section of the application provides the functionality to log in to the system, run diagnostics, update the application, change your Password, view Dashboards, review the latest CollaborateMD News, customize system defaults, manage your user profile and export patient data.

The following help pages are supported by the current version of CollaborateMD. Please follow the curriculum outline to receive the proper training associated with this section.



User Profile

Patient Export

Button Overview

Below you will find a description of the buttons located within the System section:
  • Retrieve Options: Selecting this button will allow you to retrieve your patient export options.

Attention Practice Fusion Users: 

Practice Fusion can assist you with uploading a list of 50 or more patients into your EHR account, please visit their help forum for more information. This list of patients can include patient names and demographic information. This can be a huge time saver when setting up your account. Prior to uploading your patient demographics, you must export them from your previous system into a Microsoft Excel or CSV format file.

Please read the FAQ on their website before attempting to upload your patients. Please be sure to export the following fields as this information is required to save a patient as complete within CollaborateMD. Choosing to not include address information could result in existing demographic information being overridden within CollaborateMD if the information is missing from Practice Fusion.
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City 
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Work Phone 
Once this information is exported please see the How do I import patients? Help Forum on the Practice Fusion Help Center for instructions on how to import this data into your account. You will receive a notification email from Practice Fusion once your patients are entered completely. Please contact Practice Fusion Support if you need assistance importing this data once it's been exported out of CollaborateMD.

Run Export

Patient Export allows you to export your patient listing into a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file. The exported information provided can be used in conjunction with any interface that requires similar information to be imported into their database, such as Practice Fusion.

Follow the instructions below to export your patient information:
  1. Go to the System section.
  2. Click the Patient Export tab.
  3. Select Retrieve Options.
  4. If applicable enter dates to constrain the results or leave it blank to get a listing of all patients. 
  5. A few fields will already be present in the Fields To Export pane, please note these cannot be removed. 
  6. Highlight the available field you would like to export (Tip: Use the Shift key to select more than one) and click Add to add them to the Fields To Export pane.
    1. If necessary, highlight fields in the Fields to Export pane and click Remove to place fields back to the Available Fields pane. Note: Fields indicated as "(required)" are not able to be highlighted or removed. 
  7. When you're satisfied with your selections, click Run Export
  8. When the Select File window opens to find a location you want to save this file to. Note: Take note of where you're saving the file.
  9. Enter a File Name then choose "Select File
  10. If you would like to verify the file contents now press Yes or press No to view it at a later time.


  • If you're looking for more patient fields to export please see Export Patient within the Patient section Help Page.
  • Please be sure to password protect any information you may be sending electronically. Failing to do so is a violation of HIPAA