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Agreement Statuses

Below you will find a list of possible agreement statuses



Agreement cannot be updated. Customer must complete a new agreement.

Customer must complete a new agreement.


Represents a payer authorization and a completed setup at Change Healthcare.

Authorized Exception

Agreements where the payer has authorized some but not all of the providers on the agreement.


Represents a customer request that an agreement is canceled at Change Healthcare.


Forms closed unrelated to standard agreement activity.


Customer requests that the authorization is removed at Change Healthcare.

Denied - Payer

Represents a denial by the payer; a new agreement must be submitted to Change Healthcare.

Denied - Pending

Represents a denial by Change Healthcare (typically missing provider information); Information can be sent via return e-mail.

Denied - Pending Expired

Agreement has been held in a Denied-Pending status for 90 or more days without receiving updated provider information.  

Denied - Pending Updated

Change Healthcare has received updated provider information from the customer and the agreement has been re-entered into the system for review.

Denied - Rejected

Represents a denial by Change Healthcare; a new agreement must be submitted to Change Healthcare.

Needs Test

Represents a payer approval, but the payer requires testing data for the provider.


Agreement is pending approval with the payer.

Pending Setup

Represents a payer authorization with additional setup required at Change Healthcare.

Pending Receipt

Agreement is pending Customer.  An item is required to be submitted to attach to the agreement submitted.  In example: Original form required to be mailed. Pending receipt of agreement to be received in the mail


Received by Change Healthcare and is pending review.