Control Section

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The Control section of the application provides functionality to track claims that have been submitted, control and resubmit claims at a batch level, track patient statements, and control patient accounts receivable (AR). In addition, it provides the functionality for printing claims, statements, superbills and final demand notices (FDN) at a batch level. 

The following help pages are supported by the current version of CollaborateMD. Please follow the curriculum outline to receive the proper training associated with this section.

Button Overview

Below you will find a description of the buttons located within the Control section:
  • Search: This button will search for payments using the filter selections entered.
  • Print: This button allows you to print the payment information.
  • Close: This information allows you to close the payment list.
  • Export: This option allows you to export the payment list into an excel format.
  • Select Columns: This button will allow you to set your display columns.

Payment Tracking allows you to easily locate payments and track how they were applied within the CollaborateMD application. In addition, Payment Tracking also allows you to identify what charges payments were applied to and any account credits that resulted from the payment.

Search for Payments

Follow the instructions below to search for payments:
  1. Go to the Control section.
  2. Click the Payment Tracking tab.
  3. Enter your search criteria. 
  4. When you're done, click the Search button.
      1. Saved Search Filter: Click on the magnifying glass to search for a saved filter or click on the save icon to save a search filter. 
      2. Reset Filters: Selecting this button will remove all preset filters. 
      3. Payment From: Select whether you want to show payments from the patient or the insurance. 
      4. Receipt #: If you select patient payment, you can look up the payment by receipt number. 
      5. Check #: Enter a check number to search for a payment.
      6. Partial check # search: Selecting this button will search for all payments that contain any of the numbers in the check # field.
      7. Entered Date: This coincides with the date the payment was entered. 
      8. Received Date: This coincides with the date the payment was received. 
      9. Patient #: You can search for payments for a specific patient by using the Patient ID.
      10. Payer: You can search for payments for a specific payer by using the Payer ID
      11. Group by: This selection will determine how payments are organized. You can use this in conjunction with the Search By field to quickly find the payment you are looking for.
      12. Then by: You can also select a second Group By option called Then By, with the choices being the same as those above. 
      13. Expand All: If you check this box, all of the information for a payment will be displayed.

Right Click Capabilities

These right click capabilities will give you easy access to the information you want when you want it. 

Follow the instructions below to view the right-click capabilities:
  1. Go to the Control section.
  2. Click the Payment Tracking tab.
  3. Enter your search criteria then select Search
  4. Once your search results are displayed, right click on a row. A window will open with the following options:
    • Copy: Selecting this option allows you to copy the information so you can paste into other software such as Word or Excel.
    • Open Patient: Selecting this option will open the patient associated with the payment. 
    • Open Claim: Selecting this option opens the claim associated with the payment.
    • Open Payer: Selecting this option opens the payer associated with the payment.

Print Receipts

Follow the instructions below to print a patient payment receipt for past transactions: 
  1. Go to the Control section.
  2. Click the Payment Tracking tab.
  3. Enter your search criteria then select Search
  4. Click on the Print Receipt button which is visible on every row a patient payment was received. 
  5. This will open the print dialog box allowing you to print the receipt