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CMD2GO - Messaging

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CMD2GO is a secure web application where authorized users can conveniently create patients, manage their schedules and communicate via secure messaging when they are on the go.


You will be able to access CMD2GO anywhere, anytime, on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) or computer using a supported web browser.


These key features can be used without needing access to the full CollaborateMD application, which means you can check and update your schedule, send/receive secure messages with other users in your office from anywhere.


On mobile devices, you can easily switch between customer accounts to manage appointments and blocks scheduled for a specific resource/department. CMD2GO includes features such as creating and modifying appointments and appointment blocks making it convenient for you to manage your appointment scheduler on the go. Manage your appointments and messages anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

The following help pages are supported by the current version and mobile view of CMD2GO. Please follow the curriculum outline to receive the proper training associated with this section.





CMD2GO allows you to securely communicate with your staff in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment. This tool is also great for interoffice communication between your front office, billing department and providers without worry of jeopardizing the privacy and security of a patient's records. CMD2GO allows you receive, send, and manage your CollaborateMD messages on the web or on your mobile device.

Users whose Messaging permission set to Access Only or higher can view all of their CollaborateMD messages once logged in, however, users with Access and Modify permissions will be able to create a new message, reply or reply all to messages, and forward a previous message.


  • Report Snap and Share links are not supported.

  • Rich formatting options such as changing the font style is not supported by the mobile view.


The CMD2GO Messaging System is not designed to replace your current e-mail system, as you can only use it to send messages to other CollaborateMD users in your account. It is only meant to provide a means of confidential, secure messaging system while away from your desk. You can also use this section to send messages to CollaborateMD Accounting, Support and Sales Representatives.

New Message

  1. From the navigation panel, select Messaging.

  2. Click the icon to compose a new message.

  3. In the To field, type the recipient(s) username or click on the To link to search for the recipient(s).

  4. Enter a Subject.

  5. Write your message.

  6. Click Send.


Note:  Formatting options such as changing your font style, color, etc. is not supported by mobile devices.

Find Message

Once you’ve logged into CMD2GO:

  1. From the navigation panel, select Messaging.

  2. You will immediately be taken to your Inbox.

  3. Select the message you wish to view.

  4. Once you’ve found your message, you can perform any of the options outlined in the image below: