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The Claim section allows you to create, edit and send the claims and charges for the patients.

The following help pages are supported by the current version of CollaborateMD. Please follow the curriculum outline to receive the proper training associated with this section.



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Button Overview

Below you will find a description of the buttons located within the Claim section:
  • Save: Selecting this button will save your claim.
  • Close: Selecting this button will close your current claim without saving.
  • Save/Print: Selecting this button will print your claim upon saving.
  • Print: Selecting this button will print the claim.
  • Copy: Selecting this option will copy the claim.
  • Delete Claim: Selecting this option will delete the claim.
  • Track: Selecting this button will open up the claim within Claim Tracking in the Control section.
  • Convert Claim to: Selecting this button will convert the claim to the opposite claim form. i.e Professional to Institutional.


Follow the instructions below to update your patient’s insurance information within the Claim section:

  1. Go to the Claim section. 
  2. Add or open an existing claim. 
  3. Click the Insurance tab.
  4. You can change the information such as Group Number or Member ID and add attachments to Workers Comp and Property & Casualty claims. 
  5. When you're satisfied with your changes, click on the Save button.
  • You cannot change the payer in this tab. To change the payer on the claim, click on the Claim tab and select the magnifying glass beside the payer you wish you modify. When the Policy Search window opens, select from the Patient's Payers or All Payers tab. Please remember to update claims to use current insurance information (see below). 
  • The Attachment Filename field is only applicable for claims billed to Claim Attachment payers. Click here to learn more about how to add attachment payers to your personal payer list.
  • Update claims to use current insurance information for service dates from ___ to ___: 
    • Update policy information only (don’t change payers): Select this option if you only updated the Member ID or Group ID. 
    • Set the current default payers and policy information: Select this option if you updated the Payer, Member ID, and Group ID. 
      • A dialog will appear showing the claims that will be updated. Some claims may be re-filed. Review the listed claims for accuracy.
        1. Note: Claim refiling will only be completed for charges that are currently in one of the following statuses:
          • Send to Insurance via Clearinghouse
          • User Print and Mail to Insurance
          • At Insurance. Note: If the claim is currently in this status, the claim will be refiled to the payer that the claim is currently at unless the payer is no longer associated with the claim at the time of service. If necessary, change the payer on the claim in the Claim section.
      • Click Confirm and Save to update claims. To change the criteria without updating claims, click Cancel Update
  • Update the patient record with the above payers and insurance ids: Select this option if the patient's insurance information has changed and you have made the appropriate revisions within the claim and wish to update the patient record. Future claims will automatically enter the updated payer information for this patient.