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Managing Facilities & Providers

New Facilities/Providers
New Facilities entered into CollaborateMD must be added to Practice Fusion. Failing to add the new Facility into Practice Fusion will result in the Facility not carrying over to the claim once created within CollaborateMD. Meaning, the claim will not have a Facility listed on it. Please note that you can manually update the claim within the Claim section of the program with the correct Facility information. 

Follow the instructions below to manage new Facilities/Providers:
  1. Add the Facility/Provider into CollaborateMD. Please see Add Facility or the Add Provider Help Page for additional information. 
  2. Once the Facility/Provider is entered, please see the Sync Providers and Facilities Help Page and follow the instructions to sync your Facility/Provider. 

Existing Facilities/Providers 
Updates that need to be made to an existing Facility or Provider (i.e. Name, Address, Id Numbers etc) must be done within CollaborateMD. Please see the Find/Edit Facility or the Find/Edit Provider Help Page for additional information.