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Practice Fusion Request Integration

Now that you have synchronized your Payers and collected your Facility and Provider data (names and sequence identifier), it is time for you to Request Integration within Practice Fusion.
Request Integration Checklist
 Have you properly synchronized your Payers within Practice Fusion and CollaborateMD? 
 Do you have your (8 digit) Customer Number(s)?
 Do you have your Facility Name(s) and Sequence Identifier(s)? [ Click here if no ]
 Do you have your Provider(s) Name and Sequence Identifier(s)? Click here if no ]

Request Integration
If you have already performed a Request Integration within Practice Fusion, it is assumed you have successfully completed the checklist items above and there is no need to re-Request Integration.  If you have completed the checklist items above and still need to Request Integration within Practice Fusion, follow these instructions:
  1. Go to your Practice Fusion account.
  2. Go to Reports
  3. Click on the Billing report tab. 
  4. Click on the Integrate Billing button. 
  5. When the Choose your billing solution window opens, select CollaborateMD.
  6. Enter your CollaborateMD Customer Number (see example) into the Customer Number field. 
    • Note: To locate your Customer Number, please log into CollaborateMD and look towards the lower right hand corner of the screen. It's labeled as "Customer:".
    • Important: If the Customer Number is not entered appropriately you will receive an F03 error in Practice Fusion, indicating that charges cannot be transferred to CollaborateMD and a new integration request will need to be completed. 
  7. Reference the Provider & Facility Listing Report to add each Provider and Facility (and their associated sequence numbers) to your Practice Fusion account (see example). 
  8. Once your Customer Number, Providers, and Facilities are entered, click on the Submit button (see example).