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Hello Health

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About Hello Health 

Hello Health, Inc. is dedicated to transforming small independent medical practices by connecting patients and physicians through technology. The company’s revenue generating platform and web-based technology integrates an electronic health record, practice management capabilities and a patient health portal on a single, secure platform. Hello Health is free to primary care and pediatrics practices and generates incremental revenue through a patient subscription model. A subsidiary of Myca Health Inc., Hello Health collaborates with leading organizations that offer complementary and strategic solutions to connect patients and physicians. 

How the Interface Works

The  Hello Health/CollaborateMD interface is a uni-directional interface from Hello Health to CollaborateMD for Professional Claims (CMD-1500) . Hello Health is the Record of Authority (RoA) and will be the system of primary use by the customer to enter and manage the day to day business operations. CollaborateMD will be responsible for processing the claims sent by Hello Health and performing the day to day billing operations of the practice.

This interface supports Admit Discharge Transfer (ADT), Detailed Financial Transaction (DFT) and Scheduling Information Unsolicited (SIU) messages. Hello Health sends High Level 7 (HL7) messages to CollaborateMD via the CollaborateMD web portal Application Program Interface (API). CollaborateMD receives the HL7 messages and processes them based on the type of HL7 message received. 

The Facilities, Providers, Payers, and Customer # is required to be mapped/synchronized between the two systems in order for the interface to work correctly. In addition, to properly support appointments, it is important to ensure all valid providers are correctly mapped to a scheduler resource within CollaborateMD.

Supported HL7 Messages

The HL7 Messages sent by Hello Health and processed by CollaborateMD are:
  • ADT-A04: Patient Registration
  • ADT-A08: Update Patient Information
  • DFT-P03: Detailed Financial Information (Claim)
    • If the Office is using the CollaborateMD Scheduler, these messages will be received from Hello Health. If the CMD Scheduler is not being used, then the appointments will only be created within Hellohealth.
      • SIU-S12: Notification of New Appointment Booking
      • SIU-S14: Notification of Appointment Modification
      • SIU-S15: Notification of Appointment Cancellation
At this time, CollaborateMD does not send any data to Hello Health via the uni-directional interface.

Getting Started 

In order to activate the Hello Health /CollaborateMD interface, the following activities must be completed within the customer's Hello Health and CollaborateMD accounts (Facilities, Providers, Payers, Customer #).

 Review facility(s) [Sequence #, Name, Address, etc] and make sure that the facility name and address matches the facility name and address within HelloHealth
 Review provider(s) [Name and NPI] and make sure that the provider name and the NPI number matches the provider name and the NPI number within HelloHealth.
 Review local payer list [ All ] - The unique names must match the payers within Hello Health. Make sure that the payer name and address matches the payer name and address within HelloHealth. 

NOTE: It's recommended to review the list with your Training Specialist to ensure this data matches and you're ready to test.


In order to ensure a successful integration of the Hello Health and CollaborateMD systems via the interface, key data items within each of the systems must be properly mapped and/or synchronized prior to activating the interface. Once the two systems have been properly mapped and synchronized, the interface can be activated. Below is a high level overview of what is required to synchronize and integrate the Hellohealth and CollaborateMD interface.

  Managing Facilities/Clinics
  Managing Billing Providers
  Managing Referring Providers 
  Managing Payers
  Managing Patients
  Managing Appointments
  Managing CPT/ICD Codes
  Managing Customers