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FL Shots FAQ


Effective November 20, 2017FL Shots will no longer support new implementations of the interface.

How does a provider/practice get started using FL Shots? 
A practice needs to enroll into Florida SHOTS and obtain an account. They can do so online at

How does a provider/practice get a Florida SHOTS ID? 
 Once enrolled, we setup their Organizational Login ID. This value is used in the messages received in the HL7 message, specifically, the MSH 4.1 segment.

How long does it take to get a Florida SHOTS ID?
Usually, 3 days. The enrollment desk has to verify medical license. 

How do I enable my FL SHOTS and CollaborateMD interface?
Please see the FL SHOTS Help Page for more information.

Where can I find a list of codes that need to be reported to FL SHOTS? 
The FL SHOTS website has all the current codes that need to be reported. Please visit the following links on the FL SHOTS website:
How does CollaborateMD get notified when new codes need to be reported or when old codes need to be removed? 
Our account representative at FL SHOTS notifies the necessary stakeholders within CollaborateMD when changes need to be made. We will then make the necessary updates to the application and notification will be made on our Software Updates website.

How do I know what information is being reported into the Florida SHOTS database? Is there a place I can login to see this data? 
Yes, all clinics have access once enrolled to the practice's individual sFTP account for all electronic submissions.This information gives the details on the disposition of the patient and their shot. Please contacta  FL SHOTS representative if you need access to your sFTP account.