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The EHR/PMS interface currently supports the uni-directional communication of patient registration and updates of patient information. In addition, the interface supports the unidirectional communication of detailed financial information sent from the EHR to the PMS in support of Superbill/Claim generation. 

Important: The uni-directional interface requires the EHR (eDerm) to be the Record of Authority (RoA). The RoA will be the system of primary use by the customer to enter and manage their day to day business operations. Both the EMR and PMS have their own Scheduler. However, the appointment information contained within either scheduler is not supported by the uni-directional interface. If the customer would like to use both schedulers, they will be responsible for the manual synchronization the appointments across the EHR and PMS.

How does the Interface work?

The three types of HL7 Messages sent by the EHR and processed by the PMS are:
  • Patient Registration 
  • Patient Information Update
  • Detailed Financial Transactions (Superbill/Claims)