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Billing Service Tax ID Add-on under a New Customer Database

Adding a new provider into the Provider section with a different EIN or SSN than one that already exists in the account will incur a one-time setup fee of $99.00 for each Tax ID (EIN or SSN). 

Adding a provider with a new EIN / SSN will automatically notify CollaborateMD that a new a provider has been added. An automatic request for a Submitter Number will be sent, and the provider will be updated within 48 hours. 

Prior to adding Customers, users must have permission to Account Setup and the Access Level must be set to AllowAccount Setup controls access to the creation of new customers and practices within an account. Additionally, Admins with this permission may add features which will incur an additional fee on the account's monthly invoice. Authorized Representatives are given this permission by default.

Step 0 - Add New Customer (optional)

When would I need to add a new Customer? 

If you are taking on a new client under your billing service who is not associated with any of the practices currently on the account, you will need to create a new customer.

When would I need to use an existing Customer?

If your new provider is associated with a practice currently on the account, this provider's information should be entered under an Existing customer. However, there are cases in which you may need to add more than one Practice. This new Practice should still be added under the existing customer if the new provider is seeing the same patients as a current provider.

A new Practice might be created for the following reasons:

  1. If the providers are credentialed with the insurance payer under different practice names, different Tax IDs, or different pay-to addresses.
  2. To keep financials separate between the multiple locations.

If you believe you need to add your provider under an Existing customer, please follow the directions on the Billing Service Tax ID Add-on under an Existing Customer Database Help Page.

Step 1 - Add Customer

Follow the instructions below to add a Customer under your existing CollaborateMD Account.

  1. Go to the Admin section. 
  2. Click on Security Accounts RefreshNoteVerify that the Customer that you wish to add hasn't already been added. 
  3. Click on the Add Customer button.
  4. When the Add Customer window opens, enter the Name of the customer. 
  5. Click on the Save button when you're satisfied.

Step 2 - Switch Accounts

Follow the instructions below to switch accounts into an Existing Customer under your Account:

  1. Go the System section.
  2. Click on the Login tab.
  3. Click on the Switch Accounts link to log into the customer account under which you will add a new provider.

Step 3 - Grant Group Access

Groups are configured when a user needs access to multiple customer accounts. Users can access multiple customer accounts using the Switch Accounts button located in the System section. 

Important: Users that are associated with a Billing Service Customer will be listed under "Billing Service Account" Customer Name. Click on this Customer Name to begin granting group access for your users. 

  1. Link yourself and/or users that need access to this Customer. For instructions on how to Link Users please see the Groups Help Page.
  2. Once the users are linked proceed to Step 3.

Step 4 - Add Practice

Follow the instructions below to add a new Practice: 

  1. Go to the Practice section.
  2. Click the New Practice button.
  3. Enter the practice’s information. 
    1. Enter the practice name in the first field provided.
    2. NPI: Enter the provider's NPI number.
    3. Organization Type: Select the appropriate organization type for the practice.
    4. Taxonomy Specialty: Select the practice’s taxonomy specialty.
    5. Seq. #: This number is auto-populated by CollaborateMD.
    6. Reference #: This number is for your personal reference.
    7. FL Shots ID: Enter your FL SHOTS ID. Please see the FL SHOTS Help Page for more information on using this interface.
    8. Code: You can use this field to enter a code of up to 3 letters/numbers. This code will then be visible in the provider filter selection window on reports, so you can identify which practice performed the service
    9. Primary Office: Enter the practice’s primary office information.
    10. Pay-To address is the same as the primary office: Check this box if the pay-to address that prints in box 33 of the CMS-1500 form and box 2 of the CMS-1450 form is the same. If the address is different, uncheck this box.
      • Pay To-Address: Enter the Pay To-Address information for the practice.
    11. Other Offices: Enter information regarding any additional locations your practice may have. Important: Other Offices must use the same Name, Tax ID/Social Security Number and the same Pay-To Address as the Main Practice. The NPI number can be different.
  4. When you're satisfied with your changes click on the Save button.

Step 5 - Add Provider

A Provider can be but is not limited to, an M.D., P.A., N.P., D.O. or medical care facility (hospital) who provides health care services. 


Follow the instructions below to create a provider: 
  1. Go to the Provider section. 
  2. Click on the New Provider button.
  3. Enter the provider's demographics (see a description of each section below). 
  4. When you're satisfied with your changes, click on the Save button.
A. Enter the provider’s demographics: 
    1. Last: Enter the provider last name. 
    2. First: Enter the provider first name. 
    3. MI: Enter the provider middle initial. 
    4. This provider is an
    5. NPI: Enter the providers NPI number. 
    6. Taxonomy Specialty (required): Select the provider’s taxonomy specialty. 
    7. Reference#: In the event, you have to enter a provider into the system twice, use this field to help distinguish between the two providers. (i.e. TAX ID, EIN, Provider A, Provider B). This field is informational and does not appear on any claims). 
    8. Code: You can use this field to enter a code of up to 3 letters or numbers. This code will then be displayed on certain reports within the Report section of the application to identify which provider performed the service. 
B. Begin entering the providers Billing Information: 
    1. Practice for this provider: Click on the magnifying glass to search for the practice you want to associate the provider to. This will be the provider's default practice. 
      1. Note: Once a provider is associated to a practice it cannot be dissociated. You must inactivate the Provider and add it again
    2. Bill claims under
    3. Check eligibility under
    4. Bill as: Select whether this provider will bill under their individual provider (Provider section) information or group (Practice section) information. 
    5. Use which ID number? Select whether to bill using the providers SSN or EIN number. 
      1. Social Security# (SSN): Enter the provider’s SSN number. 
      2. Employer Identification# (EIN): Enter the providers EIN number. 
    6. Professional Mode/Institutional ModeAuthorized Reps can move Provider(s) into Production Mode once a Submitter Number is assigned to the Provider(s). In order for a User or Admin to move a Provider into Production Mode,  permission for Account Setup must be set to Allow
      1. Production Mode – Claims will be submitted to the payer for processing.
      2. Test Mode/Hold – Claims will not be submitted to the payer for processing.
    7. Real – Time Submitter Number: Change Healthcare assigns each new Tax ID number a specific number which is called a submitter number. This submitter number tells Change Healthcare which customer is sending them electronic claims, electronic statements, and electronic collection letters. It also allows Change Healthcare to drop Change Healthcare reports back into your office including Electronic Remittance Advice. A submitter number will be generated under the Internal Use field. An email with the Change Healthcare Username and Password will be sent through CMD Messaging to the Authorized Rep and any Admins with Account Setup permission within that customer. Once the email is received you may begin to complete Payer Agreements within 24-48 hours in the application.
C. Enter the providers Contact Information
D. Enter any applicable ID Numbers for the provider. 


Once you receive your Submitter Number you may move your provider(s) into Production Mode to submit live claims.