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Statement Automation FAQs

Why were the statements changed?

The new templates offer unique customization, full-color design and comprehensive statement options that were not previously supported by our legacy statements.

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Do I need to make changes related to user print statements?

Statement template options are only applicable to automated statements printed and mailed by CollaborateMD.  You do not need to make any changes related to your user printed statements.

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What are the main differences between the template options?

Template one (1) is for single patient account statements.  Templates two (2) and three (3) support linked family account statements.  Remaining factors are a matter of preference based on the amount of detail desired within each statement.

How can I print a sample statement to see what it will look like?

After configuring your template, printing a sample statement with actual data is not available at this time.  However, each of our templates contains sample data (logo, text, etc.) depicting the exact placement and suggested statement verbiage. 

When can I view a copy of the statement sent to a patient?

Statements can be viewed the day after the statements are sent using Control Statement Tracking View Statement.

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How do we add a logo?

The logo (image) you wish to display on your statements must be uploaded using the “Select Logo” option within your chosen template.

What type of file formats are supported to upload our business logo?

JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF image formats are supported.

How do I remove the Payment Portal option displayed within the template?

The Payment Portal payment method is only displayed if you have activated the Integrated Payment Processing feature.

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Will I lose my template setting if I enable or disable statement automation?

No - Once a template option is configured and saved, the settings are stored in your account.

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We have multiple customers; do we have to configure statements for each of them?

Statements must be configured for each unique customer and practice within an account that you wish to enable statement automation.

Is there a charge and a price difference to utilize the new and improved templates?

No - In fact we are not charging any more than you pay today. The pricing can be located on our website https://www.collaboratemd.com/all-pricing.

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What does the statement fee include?

Unlimited pages for one patient statement, the postage to send, a full-color patient-friendly template, you can upload a logo, a return envelope for the patient (not their postage), and the USPS Fast Forward Service (forwarding addresses).

When batch printing statements there is a 'Page #' column; what does this represent?

This field represents the page number that the particular patient will start on. This can be compared to chapters in a book. Ex: Patient John Does' statement will start on page 5. 

Are the statements sent via Statement Automation perforated? 

Yes, our statements are perforated when sent through Statement Automation so that a part may be torn off easily.