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Appointment Scheduler FAQs

How can I prevent Deleted, Canceled, or Rescheduled appointments from appearing on my scheduler?

To prevent certain appointments from appearing within your scheduler view, go to the Scheduler tab > Enable Filters, and expand the Status filter. Once expanded, select all of the appointment Statuses you wish to see with the exception of Deleted, Canceled, and/or Rescheduled (these should be left unchecked).

Note: If you wish to not see deleted appointments within your reports, you must set the below option in order for the appointment to actually be deleted. 
1. Within the Scheduler section, click on the Statuses tab 
2. Search for the status (Ex: Deleted)
3. Select the option "Appointments with this status are deleted and will not show on reports"
4. Click Save.

Is there a way to create an appointment waiting list?

Yes. When the schedule is already full and you want to add a patient on a waiting list, you can utilize the Request tab. Please reference the Requests Help Page for more information. 

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Is there a way to block time for lunch and meetings?

Yes. Blocks can be created for lunch breaks, surgeries, meetings, etc. Please reference the Blocks link in the Help Pages for more information.

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Can the font be modified on the Scheduler?

No, at this time this isn't something that our application supports. We encourage you to promote it on the CollaborateMD Idea Exchange.

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What right-click capabilities are available with appointments?

Right clicking on an empty appointment slot will allow you to: 
  • Schedule an appointment 
  • Add an appointment block 
  • Add appointments from the Request List
Right clicking on an appointment will allow you to perform the same actions above in addition to:
  • Edit an appointment
  • Change the status of an appointment 
  • Schedule a follow up appointment 
  • Reschedule an appointment 
  • Move an appointment 
  • Print a Superbill/Label 
  • Open the patients account 
  • Create a claim 
  • Open the claim for the visit
  • Open claims for the patient 
Please reference the Scheduler Help Page for more information.

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Can I create alerts within the Scheduler?

Alerts can be created under the Alerts sub tab of the Additional Info tab in the appointment window. Creating Alerts under this tab is similar to creating Alerts within the Patient section. Please reference the Alerts Help Page for more information.

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How do I see all “New Patients” or “No Shows” appointments for a given date range?

Searching for New Patients or No Shows can be performed within the Search tab of the Scheduler section. Using the Search Filters will allow you to search by Appointment Type and Appointment Status. For instructions on how to search for appointment, reference the Find Appointments Help Page. 

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How can I view which user scheduled an appointment?

You can monitor which users scheduled or modified an appointment using the Search tab within the Scheduler section. Reference the Find Deleted/Modified Help Page for instructions. 

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How can I control permissions on a Department level for my Scheduler?

To control permissions on a Department level, you must first Find the appropriate department. Once you have located the department, check the box next to Enable department level access control and select the Username you would like to make the change to and grant the permissions accordingly. Once you have granted the level of permissions, click on the Save button.

Is there a way to search for "Open" appointments?

Yes, reference Option 1 on the New Appointment Help Page for additional information.

In the Scheduler there is a button called "Schedule an Appointment", under the Scheduler tab or when you right click to add an appointment, you can select “Schedule”. Once your search parameters are entered, the system will search for open times and allow you to schedule an appointment.

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Why are some of my appointments not appearing?

If appointments are not appearing on your appointment scheduler, verify that the Filters enabled within the Scheduler tab include the appointments you would like to see. 

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What will happen to my appointments if I "delete" the Resource?

When inactivating a Resource on the scheduler, the appointments linked to that specific resource will not be visible or available on the scheduler. If you would like to access the associated appointments, you will have to reactivate the resource, retrieve the appointments, change to a new resource, then inactivate (delete) the Resource. 

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Are there any reports that track Scheduler activity?

The following reports within the Report section are related to the Appointment Scheduler:
  1. Patient Reports -  Next Appointment Report
  2. Daily/Monthly Reports –  Patient Visits w/out Charges report
  3. Daily/Monthly Reports – Daily Patients Seen Last Seen Date report
  4. Management Reports – Appointment Reminders report

Are there any scheduler dashboards available?

A “Scheduled Appointments” dashboard is available for use. Go to the System section, under the Login tab, CBI Dashboard sub tab and click “New”. Scroll down through the dashboard options and click and drag the “Scheduled Appointments” dashboard to the new dashboard. Give dashboard a title and Save your changes. 

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Can I view appointments on an iPad or iPhone?

No, at this time our application does not support this. We encourage you to promote it on the CollaborateMD Idea Exchange.

How can I overbook?

In order to overbook appointments you must first enable this feature, see the Options/Defaults Help Page for additional information.  You can also check the “Allow appt. to overbook” checkbox within the appointment window. 

Will patients receive appointment reminders for appointments scheduled on the same day (e.g., patient calls in and the office schedules an appointment for today)?

No, the appointment must have been created at least the day before the appointment. The list of patients to receive appointment reminders is sent to our third-party vendor daily at 1:00 AM EDT. All appointments created after 1:00 AM EDT for that day will not be sent an appointment reminder. 

Why does "New Patient" appear when I print my Daily Schedule?

"New Patient" will show on the printed Daily Schedule if the patient has never had an appointment before in CollabroateMD. The next time an appointment is scheduled for that same patient, this will no longer appear on the printed schedule. 

What should I check for if I cannot find some of my appointments within the Scheduler?

1. Verify the correct Filters are chosen within the Scheduler tab.
2. Verify the appointment Type is Active.
3. Verify the appointment Status is Active.
4. Verify the correct Department is chosen and Active within the Resource (if applicable).
5. Verify the Patient is Active.