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Reports FAQs

What is a patient recall list, and why should I use it? 

A recall is a reminder for the office staff to schedule a patient for a certain appointment. For example, a recall may remind you that a patient needs to be seen for a follow-up in 3 weeks or immunization shots next month. You can set the Patient Recall Date within the Patient section.

Can I generate a report of all patient email addresses? 

Yes! Pulling a report of all patient email addresses is easy in our Reports CBI. 
  1. Go to the Reports section
  2. Under Report Viewer, search for the Patient Reports category
  3. Search for the Patient Listing report and double-click
  4. Set your desired parameters
  5. Click the Run Report button
  6. Review the Patient Email column
  7. You have the option to export the report in an Excel worksheet or Print

How can I print a report of all the Payers in the system? 

  1. Proceed to the Payer section
  2. Click on the Print button > Select All Payers
  3. A window with all of the payers will appear
  4. Click the Print button again

What is the difference between the RE Reports and the RR Reports for Auto-Apply Generated Reports? 

  • The RE Report is a non-formatted plain text report generated by the payer. 
  • The RR Report is a formatted version of the EOB, generated by Change Healthcare. It contains identical information displayed on the RE report in a structured, more user-friendly view.
These reports can be found: 
  1. Go to the Payment section
  2. Click on the Electronic remittance advice tab
  3. Locate and select a check
  4. Click View EOB
  5. Proceed to the Payer-Generated Report tab
  6. Click Retrieve

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What is a 277 Report and how can I generate it?

A 277 report, also known as the Claim Status Response report, is the second response after successfully submitting an electronic claim file to Change Healthcare (Clearinghouse); it provides the claim status. 

To pull this report follow the steps below:
  1. Go to the Reports section
  2. Click on the Clearinghouse Reports tab
  3. Proceed to the Payer Generated tab
  4. Select your filters
  5. Click Search

In the Adjustment Reasons report, what's the difference between the Adjustment Amount and the Charge Total Adjustment?

  • The Charge Total Adjustments column of the report displays an amount representing all adjustments (patient and insurance) that have been applied to this charge; it does not account for adjustments that have been marked 'deleted'. 
  • The Adjustment Amount column of the report shows the adjustment amount associated with the adjustment credit; it does include adjustments that have been deleted. 

What is the difference between the Charge CPT and Patient CPT in my reports?

Under certain reports (ex: Patients with a specific CPT Performed) you have the search criteria option of Charge CPT Code and Patient CPT's. 
  • Filter a report by Charge CPT if you want to see which patients have been billed with a specific CPT.
  • Filter a report by Patient CPT if you are looking to pull the report by the CPT's listed as the default on a patient's account.