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Payer & Payer Agreements FAQs

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Note: For more information about the agreements section please review our Help Pages

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Do I fill out the agreement with the group or provider's NPI? 

It depends on how you're setup to bill with the payer. Best practice is to contact the payer to confirm what NPI numbers you should use when completing agreements.

When completing payer agreements, should I use the Individual Provider Names or the Group Name?

It depends on how you're setup to bill with the payer. If you're set up to bill under the Group information please use the Group Name. If you're setup to bill under the Provider information please use the Providers Name.

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How long does it take for an agreement to be approved?

The turn-around time is dependent on the payer. It can take any where from 1 - 60 days to be approved. You can find the "Estimated Approval Time" for the payer your completing the agreement for on the cover-sheet of the agreement (On agreements with multiple CPID’s this will not populate until you select a CPID) or under the Registration tab within the Payer section after you've logged in. Its displayed under the "Estimated Approval Time (days)" column.

Once I'm notified by CollaborateMD that my agreement is approved, what do I do? 

Once your agreement is authorized you may begin submitting claims electronically to that payer.

If I receive an approval directly from the Payer what should I do? 

Forward the approval to CollaborateMD support who will provide this to the Clearinghouse.

Do I send my payer agreements to Change Healthcare or to the payer? 

Your payer agreement must be sent according to the Special Instructions on the cover sheet for each agreement. In most instances the agreement can be sent to the Clearinghouse (Change Healthcare) and they will forward to the appropriate stake holders.

Is there a document to help me complete Payer Agreements?

Our Agreement Help Page located on our Training Website provides you with step by step instructions on how to fill out a payer agreement. You may also choose to watch our Agreements Registration webinar. If you require additional assistance please contact the Payer.

How to find the Trading Partner ID or Provider Agent Information? 

This information can be found in the Agreement within the Special Instructions (step 3). 

While completing agreements it asks "Is the Provider a Direct Submitter Customer?" Do I answer Yes or No?

A Direct Submitter Customer would be someone who submits directly to the clearinghouse without going through a software vendor. For all CollaborateMD customers, the answer to this question would always be "no".

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When does a new payer agreement need to be completed?

When a TaxID or NPI has been updated with the payer, the Provider should complete a new Payer Agreement. Providers will need to confirm directly with the Payer when the change is made with them if new enrollments are required. 

About Change Healthcare

Who is Change Healthcare | RelayHealth | McKesson?

Change Healthcare, also known as RelayHealth and McKesson, is our Clearinghouse partner. Our relationship with Change Healthcare allows us to tightly couple our system edits to reduce front end rejections at RH; allowing our customers to average a 99% first-pass acceptance rate. Additionally, our exclusive relationships since 2003 provide us with access to RH's top executives to drive innovation and efficiency with the RH Clearinghouse.

The relationships provide us with quick access to management for escalation of any Clearinghouse issue(s). The enhancements RH incorporates allows greater efficiency for our customers and for CMD internally. Furthermore, our exclusivity allows CMD to receive the best pricing available from any Clearinghouse, which in turn allows CMD to pass on the savings and affordable prices to our customers.

Learn more about Change Healthcare.

What is Change Healthcare's address?

301 Data Court
Dubuque, IA 52003

I 'm on the payers website and they are asking for the Submitter ID. How do I find this for Change Healthcare?

This can usually be found on Change Healthcare agreement for that payer or by contacting us here at CollaborateMD, we can partner with Change Healthcare to locate the Submitter ID for the payer.

Can we use our own clearinghouse instead of Change Healthcare?

At this time, CollaborateMD has an exclusive partnership with Change Healthcare and don't offer services with any other clearinghouse. The benefits of our exclusive partnership are that we have integrated solutions and edits in the system that will increase your first-time acceptance rates by analyzing claims before they get sent out.

How can I receive payer notifications from the clearinghouse?

If you wish to receive email notifications from Change Healthcare such as payer processing & Change Healthcare issues/updates, product and industry news, and payer enrollments please note that you can update your submitter profiles email address and enable these notifications. 

Follow the instructions below to update your submitter profiles email address and enable these notifications.

NoteYou are only allowed to make changes that you are authorized for based on your assigned roles 
  1. Log into ConnectCenter.
  2. Click on the My Settings button.
  3. Under Current Selected Products, select the products you wish to receive email communications and alerts from Change Healthcare. 
  4. Click on the Update User button. 
  5. Next, a confirmation message will display confirming your changes. 

General Agreement Questions

We have 2 facilities (different locations), but they have the same NPI number; do I submit one agreement for each facility?

Agreements are completed on a Tax ID level, meaning if you bill with multiple tax id numbers for that provider or practice then each would need a new agreement. If you only have one tax id number, then only one agreement is needed.

Do I need to fill out an agreement for every provider?

Agreements are completed on a Tax ID level, meaning if you bill with multiple tax id numbers for that provider each provider would need an agreement to be filled out. If you only have one tax id number, then only one agreement is needed. Note:  Some payers in some states may require you to fill out an agreement for every NPI you have.  The best practice is to contact your payer to determine how you should complete your payer agreement.

I have 2 or more payers that have the same CPID. Do I have to fill out an agreement for each of them?

No. You will only have to fill out one agreement for the one CPID.

If a Payer does not require an agreement, what is my next step?
There is no additional action required. Because there is no agreement required, you can begin submitting transactions to the Payer using the appropriate electronic CPID or Payer ID depending on the transaction type.

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In the Payer section under Agreements > Registration, there's a button called "Choose Provider". Which Provider should I choose?

If you have more than one provider on your account, select the provider you wish to complete the agreement under. Important: Please remember to select which "NPI to use" before clicking the Next button.

When I tried to select the agreement I wanted to fill out the status shows "Under Construction". What does this mean? How can I fill out this agreement?

The agreement is currently not available for completion within the CollaborateMD application because its being revised. The agreement may be available for completion on the ConnectCenter website. Learn more about how to complete payer agreements on the ConnectCenter website. 

Note:  The agreement may also be under construction on the clearinghouse’s site, as well. If the agreement isn't available within the ConnectCenter or the CollaborateMD application, please Contact Us for additional assistance.

In the Payer section under Agreements > Registration, after I log in and I enter the CPID into the filter, I do not see any agreements populating on the right to select from. Why and what do I do?

If you do not see any agreements populating on the right-hand side, you can check the box at the bottom of the filter next to “Show products for all payers” and you should see your agreements populate. If you still don't see any agreements, please Contact Us for additional assistance.

How do I sign up to get ERA's and/or how do I complete these agreements?

Learn more about completing remittance agreements by visiting the Agreements Help Page located on the Training Website. You may also choose to watch our Agreements Registration webinar. If you require additional assistance please contact the Payer.

Why are some agreements able to be submitted automatically and some need to be printed and mailed?

Some payers have special enrollment requirements such as: 
  1. Original ink signatures (Agreements requiring original information must be printed and mailed to Change Healthcare).
  2. Letter of intents required to be printed on provider letterhead
  3. Attached spreadsheets 
  4. Notarization, etc. 
Note: If an agreement does not require original information, it will be submitted automatically in Change Healthcare's workflow management system.

If my Tax ID/NPI changes, do I have to complete a new agreement?


Can the agreement process be expedited at all?

Unfortunately, all payers work on the agreements as they receive them. They do not expedite them for us. You may be able to contact the payer yourself and request for them to expedite the approval. 

Why am I unable to locate the agreement for my payer?

There are multiple reasons why an agreement may not be found:
  1. The payer has not been added to the local list. You can either add the payer to your list or check the box to Show products for all payers within the filter. 

  2. The payer may not require an agreement. You can view this within the Clearinghouse Information box within the payer. When required, "Agreement Required" will be listed for each electronic service available for the payer.

  3. If the agreement has already been completed for the same submitter number before, it will be hidden from view. In order to see this agreement again, select the Include completed agreements checkbox. 

Why am I unable to complete agreements "Under Construction"?

Please review the Agreement Status page to gain more information for this and other agreement statuses. 

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How long does it take for an agreement to appear on Enrollment Central that was submitted within CollaborateMD?
It should be no more than 10 minutes.

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If a new provider is being added, do we need to complete new payer agreements for them?
If the agreements that are currently Authorized are registered as a Group and provider is billing under the Group, then no additional agreements are needed. If the new provider is billing as an Individual, then a new agreement will be needed for each payer that requires an agreement. 

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What does "Auto-Validated" mean at the top right corner of the agreement cover-page?
What this means is when you click the Finish button, all the fields you were required to enter were validated by Change Healthcare's process. It was validated by the system automatically. This helps Change Healthcare during their validation process. 

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I'm filling out a payer agreement and it asks if the provider is a direct submitter customer. What does that mean?
A direct submitter customer would be someone who submits claims directly to the clearinghouse without going through a software vendor. For all CollaborateMD customers, the answer to this question would always be 'No.'

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ERA Agreement Questions

What does ERA stand for?

It stands for Electronic Remittance  Advice.

What does EFT stand for?

It stands for Electronic Funds Transfer.

I already have EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) set up with the payer, but the agreement is asking me if I want to set up EFT. 

No. Since you already have EFT set up with the payer you are already set up to receive electronic funds into your bank account from the payer.

Should I complete the claims agreement prior to the remittance agreement?

It depends on the payer. Many payers are now combining these agreements so that only one agreement is required. Please review the cover sheet of the Claims/Remittance agreement for more information.

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If I have an approved ERA agreement with the clearinghouse, will I still have to log into PaySpan to retrieve my EOBs?
Once your remittance agreement is approved, the ERA's will be routed to our clearinghouse where you will then be able to retrieve the ERA within the Payment section > Electronic Remittance Advice tab. 

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