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New Account FAQs

What's the name of our/your clearinghouse? 

You may know the clearinghouse as McKesson, RelayHealth, or new to Change Healthcare.

Where do I obtain my ConnectCenter login? 

A CollaborateMD's Messaging section will have a message with the subject line "RelayHealth Submitter Registration Confirmation". This message is sent to the Authorized Reps on the account when the tax id is first added. 

When adding a payer, I enter in my payer name or payer ID but then a long list of several payers appears. How do I determine which payer to choose?

This may depend on several factors:

  • Ensure the Envoy # field matches the payer ID. 
  • Avoid CPIDs that have a second digit of a "3" for the types of claims you will be billing. This indicates a paper payer. 
  • If you will participate in ERAs, ensure the Supports ERA box is checked. 

How do I know what my payer address is?

If you do not know the addresses for your payers, you can check the back of the patients' insurance cards, contact the payers or visit their websites. 

Why does CollaborateMD not have the payer addresses in the Master List?

CollaborateMD does not supply nor update payer addresses, as many payers have various addresses. You can typically find these addresses on the back of that patient's insurance card, contact the payer or visit their website.

How do I choose my practice NPI for my payer agreement?

During Part 1 of the agreement process, use the NPI to use drop down to select the appropriate NPI. 

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I just hired a new employee. How can I add them as a user?

Admins and Authorized Reps can add new users under the Customers tab within the Admin section. Click here for step-by-step instructions. 

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Why doesn't my user have access to any section within the application?

After creating the username, you must set the user's permissions to grant access to the sections and features you would like the user to have access. 

What should I select as the Organization Type in the Practice section?

If you are not sure what Organization Type to select, we recommend contacting your major payer to see how you are setup with them. 

I think we are setup to bill as a Group, but I am not sure. How can I verify this?

The best way to verify how you are setup to bill your claims is to contact your payers to find out how you are setup. You may be setup to bill differently with different payers; contacting your payers will confirm this information. 

I need to ensure my CLIA number populates in box 32b of the professional (CMS-1500) claim. Where can I enter this into the system?

The CLIA number should be placed in the Facility section within the CLIA ID field.