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What's included in a Data Snapshot?

posted May 15, 2018, 2:39 PM by Angelique Belot   [ updated May 15, 2018, 2:51 PM ]

Data Snapshot is a one-time or daily service provided by CollaborateMD which takes current data such as, patient demographics, codes, appointments, payers, provider list, facility, charge, etc. and captures (exports) a snapshot of the data.

The export includes the following datasets:

File Name Description
 ACTIVITY  Claims submissions and patient statement activity. 
 APPT     Appts on the schedular system.
 APPTTYPES      Appt types for scheduler.
 AUTHORIZATIONS  Patient authorizations.
 CHARGE  Line Item on a claim, CPT, Modifiers, and Prices.
 CLAIM  All info related to the claim including patient info and add info tab.
 CLAIM_ICD_CODE  ICD codes (9 and 10) stored on claims.
 CLAIMSTATUS  Accepted, Rejected - Same data that appears in Claim Tracking.
 CPTCODE   Personal List build off of master of CPT Codes.
 CREDIT  All Payments, Adjustments, and Account Credits for all Insurance and Patients.
 FACILITY  Facility demographic info. 
 ICDCODE  Personal List built off of master of ICD Codes. 
 INS_PARTIES  Insured parties on patient records.
 INS_POLICIES  Insurance policies on patient records.
 LOCATION  Practice Offices demographics info.
 PATIENT  Patient Demographics.
 PATNOTES  Patient Notes.
 PAYOR   Insurance Demographics.
 PRACTICE  Practice Demographics.
 PROVID  Provider ID as found in the Payer Section / Provider ID column.
 PROVIDER  Provider Demographics.
 REFERRING  Referring Demographics.
 REMITTANCE  Remittance codes used on a check when charges were applied.
 RESOURCE  Appointment scheduling resources.
 ICDPROC  ICD procedure codes related to Institutional / UB claims.
 ICLAIM  Claim Data related to Institutional / UB claims.
 INSCHECK  Insurance checks, Check #s, Date Posted (Details are to be found in file named "CREDIT").
 INVENTORY  Inventory list.
 REVCODE  Revenue  Code List.