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Text Reminders FAQs

What type of text message is sent to the patients?

SMS (Short Message Service) Message. NoteCMD Text Reminders does not support sending or receiving MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

Do patients have to opt-in/opt-out?

CMD Text Reminder Opt-In and Opt-Out services must be in accordance with applicable federal and state laws.

Can I resend the Opt-in message manually if the patient has not confirmed?

Yes, you can manually resend the Opt-In message within the patient's account or the appointment record.

How many characters are allowed in the entire message?

160 characters

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How many characters are allowed for the Practice/Provider/Resource name in the message?

35 Characters

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Where can I send messages to?

Text reminders are available for U.S. and Canadian text messaging. It depends on the carrier and provider if the patient has elected to receive messages internationally. 

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Are we charged for the Opt-In message?

No, CMD has agreed to cover the cost of all Opt-In message AND Welcome message sent to your patient. 

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Am I charged per Text Message sent and received, or per patient?

CMD Text Reminders are charged per text reminder sent to the patient, per text reminder reply that is received from the patient and for the Opt-Out message. 

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Can you guarantee delivery of every text message?

No, the delivery depends on the carrier and their network. You can reference the Appointment Reminders report to review sent messages. 

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Can I customize my message?

CMD will allow you to customize the name of the Practice/Provider/Resource in the Admin>Services>Appointment Reminders tab.

Can we send Text Opt-In message on a batch level? 

The application is set up to automatically send Opt-In messages and Reminders to patients. The Opt-in is triggered once the default has been selected in the Patient Section and or an appointment has been saved in the Appointment Scheduler.

What happens if the cell phone is disconnected? 

A response is sent to the customer explaining why the message failed.

Note: There are multiple reports available in CBI that can be run by the customer to check the status of various details related to appointment reminders: The Appointment Reminders report in Management Reports allows the customer to see details of reminders sent out to patients including if the response sent by the patient was Invalid.

Will all patients in my database receive an Opt-In message when the feature Appointment Reminders in turned on? 

No - Patients that existed prior to the service being enabled will be sent an Opt-In message automatically the next time an appointment is created for them in the Scheduler. Alternatively, an Opt-In message can be manually triggered in the Patient section.

If a patient has both a home number and cell phone entered in their account but the patient has not Opted in to receive a text, will a phone reminder be sent?

Yes - Since the cell phone is not registered to receive texts they will continue to receive phone reminders. This will also occur if the patient does not have a valid cell phone number on their patient file and the default method of contact is set to Text.

What does the Opt-In message read when sent? 

“Reply YES to receive appointment alerts for <Practice Name>. Msg Freq Varies. Reply HELP for Help, STOP to Cancel. Msg/Data Rates May Apply”.

If a patient changes their cell phone number, how can I resend the Opt-In message? 

Once the patient's profile is saved with the new number, the Opt-In message will automatically be sent to this new number on the same day. 

Are patients sent opt-in invitations every time a new appointment is scheduled?  Even if they have previously been sent an opt-in message that they have not responded to?

Patients are not sent opt-in messages every time an appointment is scheduled even if they haven't previously opted in. If a patient hasn't opted in, and an appointment is scheduled within 30 days from when the last opt-in message was sent, the patient will not receive another message. However, if the patient hasn't opted in and an appointment is scheduled 30 days after from when the initial opt-in message was sent, the patient will receive another opt-in message.

What practice information will my opt-in message send?

The opt-in message will show the practice that is currently defaulting in the patient account. 

1. Open the Patient Section
2. Search/Open Patient account
3. Click Claim Defaults tab
4. Navigate to the Provider field
5. Office: will show the practice currently defaulted to the patient account