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Integrated Payment Processing FAQs

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PCI Compliance

Is CollaborateMD PCI Compliant?

CollaborateMD is working on PCI Accreditation and is currently configured with industry standard practices. The data is secure and encrypted when sent to our Credit Card Processing Partner, who themselves are PCI Compliant. CMD will not store any magnetic strip data or record any credit card Numbers or Credit Card Interface Device (CCID) identifiers.

What does PCI stand for?  

PCI stands for the Payment Card Industry. PCI data security standards (PCI DSS) help ensure financial data security and ensure that organizations deal with credit card and payment card data are taking proper measures to protect customer financial data. 

Who does your Credit Card Processing Partner use for maintaining PCI compliance?

Control Scan, a PCI SSC Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV). Every merchant service in the US must use a 3rd party company offering PC compliance checks to determine the minimum requirements of the computer(s) used to collect credit card information.

Do I have to take PCI Compliance Test? 

Yes.  To help complete a quality compliance check and remain compliant our Credit Card Processing Partner will recommend you visit http://www.compliance101.com and click "Get Started" to complete a test.  The test will send a message to the office’s computer to determine what type of firewalls are there and determine the minimum requirements are within the PCI Requirements.

How do I maintain PCI Compliance? 

Through http://www.compliance101.com/ a quarterly scan of the computer(s) may be scheduled to automate the PCI compliance test.  

How long do I have to take the PCI Compliance Test after enrollment? 

You will have 90 days to complete the compliance scan.

What happens if I don’t complete the PCI Compliance Test?

A quarterly fee will be assessed at $58.00 for those that have not validated their PCI Compliance through http://www.compliance101.com/.   The quarterly fee of $18.80 will be assessed for those that have been validated.  

Who do I contact if I have issues or non-compliance challenges during the PCI Compliance Test? 

You will need to contact Control Scan for any challenges at http://www.compliance101.com/industry-regulations/contact-us/.

How do I notify our Credit Card Processing Partner I have completed the PCI Compliance Test? 

If you have completed or are in the process of determining your business’s PCI compliance, please contact your Credit Card Processing Partner Representative and ask him/her to fax or e-mail you a Merchant PCI Verification Questionnaire. Fill out this form and fax it back to us at 303.482.0347. Once your PCI compliance status is confirmed, you will receive notification of any necessary credits to your account.

Does CollaborateMD store credit card information?

CollaborateMD does not store credit card information. CMD will not store any magnetic strip data or record any credit card Numbers or Credit Card Interface Device (CCID) identifiers.

Where can I find my Merchant Account ID?

This information is not provided by CollaborateMD. The Merchant Account ID is created by TSYS once the service is enabled by an Authorized Representative on your account. The ID is then provided to them. If the Authorized Representative does not have this information, they can contact TSYS Support for further assistance. 

How do we process a credit card reversal for Integrated Payment Processing accounts?

Credit card reversals should be processed on the Transaction Express website. You can contact TSYS Support in the event you have any questions or need assistance with your USB Card Reader.