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Claim FAQs

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How do I submit a corrected, voided, or replacement claim?

Tips for submitting claims can be found on our Claim Help Page. Users should always contact the payer to understand their billing specifications as CollaborateMD will only provide the instructions on how to make the changes in the application. Users must always ensure they are following the payers' billing rules to increase the chances of reimbursement.

Why are claims not crossing over to the secondary?

A crossover claim is a transfer of processed claim data from Medicare to Medicaid (or state) agencies and private insurance companies that sell supplemental insurance benefits to Medicare. Forwarding the claim from the primary payer to the secondary payer is at the primary payer's discretion. CollaborateMD has no control over the primary payer forwarding the claim to the secondary payer. 

Where does the CLIA Number from the Codes Defaults populate on the Professional (CMS-1500) claim form?

This code default will populate the CLIA Number on the Charges tab, within the claim. Follow the steps below to view the field which will be updated:

  1. Go to the Claim section
  2. Open an existing Professional (CMS-1500) claim
  3. Go to the Charges tab
  4. On the line with the appropriate CPT code, select the Other button
Please visit the Code Defaults Help Page for more information related to the available default options.