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Accounting FAQs

When do you start billing me for my CollaborateMD account?

We begin billing as soon as the New Account Wizard is completed. Your account's first invoice will be pro-rated from the Wizard completion date to the end of the month. 

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Are we signed into a long-term commitment?

Not at all – Payment is made on a month-to-month basis. Therefore, you have the freedom to stay with us each month because we are meeting your needs, not because you are bound by a contract. Please keep in mind, we bill in arrears. For example, the monthly invoice generated in March is for transactions that occurred during the month of February. 

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Is there a minimum charge?

Yes - There is a monthly minimum based on the Price Plan selected. If the transactions which occurred during the month meet or exceed the monthly minimum, the monthly minimum is NOT added on top of those transnational costs. Please review the Pricing tab on our website for your account's monthly minimum. 

How is the monthly bill calculated?

The account will be assessed a provider fee for each active provider. Provider Fees are calculated based on the rendering/attending provider field when creating a claim in our system. There will be one Full Provider Fee per customer account. Any additional rendering/attending providers under the customer account will be charged based on the Low Volume Discount pricing. Any additional features, such as Patient Statements, Address Verification, etc. will incur additional cost based on the feature used. See our General Pricing page for a list of all available additional features. If the total activity on the account does not reach the monthly minimum, there will be a fee to reach the minimum. 

  • Medical Practice Account: Use of any features not included in the chosen Price Plan will cause the account to be charged at the rate of the Price Plan in which those features are included. For example, if the chosen plan is Plan 1, but during the month of March a Plan 2 feature is used, such as enrolling and receiving ERAs from a payer, then the account will be charged on Plan 2 pricing for March. If during April, the Plan 2 feature is not used, such as disabling and requesting that ERAs are no longer received from the payer, the account will be charged Plan 1 pricing, as that is the chosen Price Plan. You can add certain products a la carte, and pay a per transaction fee. However, we recommend reaching out to your Current Sales Representative to receive a proper quote based on your business needs. 
  • Billing Service / Lab Account: The account will be charged on a per transaction basis. See our Billing Service / Lab Pricing page for details on our transaction pricing. 

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When will I receive my invoice each month?

Monthly invoices are generated on the first of each month. All accounts are billed in arrears, so the invoices generated on the first of the month are for the previous month's transactions. For example, the invoice generated on April 1st is for transactions that occurred during the month of March. 

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How does CollaborateMD send out Monthly Invoices?

A notification of an available invoice will be sent out via email and/or CMD Messaging to the contact(s) specified. We do not send paper invoices by mail. 

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How do I change who receives Monthly Invoices or Payment notifications?

These notifications are controlled by the user's permissions. Users with the Bill Payment permission will receive notifications of invoices, will be able to view the detailed monthly invoice, and will be able to make payment on invoices or view payment history. Users with the Monthly Invoices permission will receive notifications of invoices and will be able to view the detailed monthly invoice, but they will not be able to make payments or view payment history. To add or remove permissions for users, please review the Admin Help Page

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How can I review a more detailed Monthly Invoice?

Detailed Monthly Invoices can be viewed within CollaborateMD. Any user with the Bill Payment permission or the Monthly Invoice permission can access this information in the Admin section under the Invoices tab within CollaborateMD. For detailed steps, please review the Admin Help Page

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When is my bill due?

When viewing the PDF version of the invoice, you can find the due date of your bill at the top right, in the second box. When viewing the Print version of the detailed invoice, you can find the due date of your bill on the top left, just under the invoice number. 

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What type of payments do you accept? 

We accept debit and credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, as well as ACH check payments made within the CollaborateMD application. We do not accept payment via physical check.

Where can I find my Payment Profile?

The payment profile can be found in the Admin section > Invoices tab > Payment Profile sub-tab. Click the Show All button to see all the existing payment profiles.

How do I change my payment method?

The payment profile can be updated within the Admin section. If a new profile needs to be added, this can be completed in the Admin section as well. Please note, the automatic payment will be deducted from the Default payment profile. Please ensure to select this when adding a profile that should be used for monthly payments. For detailed steps on adding and updating payment profiles, please review the Admin Help Page

I am trying to make a Payment Profile inactive, but the box to make it inactive is grayed out, why?

CollaborateMD requires there be at least one (1) active payment profile at all times. The system will prevent you from inactivating a payment profile if there's only one available. You will first need to Add a New Profile, then inactive the existing one. 

How can I see all the payments I've made this year?

Payments can be viewed by going to the Admin section > Invoices tab > Payments sub-tab. To ensure you see all payments made within a specific time frame, make sure you set the Invoice Date Range to "All" and enter your Payment Date Range accordingly.  

Why am I seeing credits that fall outside the selected date range when reviewing my Payments?

If your account has existing credits, you will always see these under the Payments tab, regardless if they match the date ranges(s) selected. 

Are we charged for claims that are rejected at the Clearinghouse?

No. CollaborateMD does not invoice for claims that are rejected at the Clearinghouse. Only claims that have been accepted at the Clearinghouse will reflect on the invoice.